Sunday, October 23, 2005

HEADLINE NEWS! Jon and Lina engaged!

Yes, you heard right! Lina and Jon are engaged. This is so exciting, they have been dating for a few years now and Jon finally popped the question. Check out the rock on Lina's finger, wow Jon you are awesome. From all of us here at e3missions, and the rest of your family, we just want to say congratulations Jon and Lina, we love you both so much and are so excited for you both. For the rest of us, please leave an encouraging comment below for this wonderful couple, and if you would like to see all of the picts from that glorious day, click onto . God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Lina & Johnathan OMEDETOU!!! Congradulation!!!! It's really great to hear that you guys are finally getting engaged!! Chooo OMEDETOU!!! LOVE YOU BOTH.


。。。レスター。。。 said...

woo-hoo!! congrats from a brotha'-in-Christ!! i'm so happy for the both of you! lina...keep this guy in check! hehehe!! God bless you two!

Anonymous said...

.....(silence).....what the heack?!! wow john lina dang!!! lets hope that i'll be there for your wedding!!!! yeah but all i wanted to say was that i'm happy for you lina and it sounds funny that he purposed to you at a zoo!!! yeah so you'll be in my prayers!!!! ~hannah~ruiz~

Kristy b said... you have a ring of your own... Hee Hee.

I am very happy to hear this wonderful news... I am blessed for you both.

How does a honeymoon in Oki sound?

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

lina, i know i've taken a long time to comment on your engagement, but i'm in awe that you are so happy, you deserve it!! officially, you're the first from our group to get married!! oh wait..i take that back..tim second.. and i'm honored to be your "first bridesmaid" heheh.. i love ya.. and i'm encouraged by you and jonathan's love for each other..and it was only through Christ's love that showed the both of you how to love..(sigh) how wonderful!! :-)