Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Celebration next door

Yesterday evening we were invited to the neighbor's house for a celebration. Some of you might remember that our next door neighbors are buiding a new house. Well, yesterday it was completed and it was thier first night inside. So they invited us over to celebrate. In the next few weeks, they will have a huge celebration when they invite thier friends, family and all the workers who constructed the house for Sushi and lots of food. But there was another reason for inviting us over, it is Ojiisan (grandfathers) birthday, he is 85 years young. So we had sushi, chicken, fruit, vegtables, and even pizza! We sat around, talked, looked at old pictures. Ojiisan worked on Kadena Airforce base for 27 years and retired a few years ago. We were also blessed as we were given the opportunity to pray a blessing over the house. Please continue to pray for the Ruiz's, Segmon and Rob, that we would be a blessing to our neighbor's as we share the love of Jesus Christ.

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Anonymous said...

whos the monkey next to rob???