Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lunch with Oba (grandma)

Today we had a beautiful surprise. One of the grandma's from around the corner came over our house for lunch. She lives alone with her son who works full time in the day. In the past we have seen her and spoken to her, but when we passed out fliers in the neighborhood for the "block party" we found out where she lived. She has invited us to come over, she stated that she gets lonely during the day because there is no one to talk with. So the other day we brought her flowers, and today, Hannah and Mical invited her to lunch and she came! She told us a lot of interesting things about her life and we were blessed. It is great to see Joanna and Hannah practice thier Japanese with Oba, they are getting good, they can understand her. Please continue to pray that we would be able to minister to all our neighbors. Pastor Tommy

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