Monday, January 30, 2006

A Miracle Signing

Praise the Lord. What Asa is holding is the rental agreement for the New Ministry House in Ganeko, Ginowan city. We take possession of it tomorrow! This is the reason it is a miracle signing; In Okinawa Japan you cannot rent property unless you are a Japanese Citizen. I have a visa called "Child of a Japanese Citizen" it is the same Visa that Rick Barnett has. But because we are new in the country, it will take a while before we can rent property on our own. We are like Japanese citizens but we cannot vote. So, to rent property you must have a guaranteer. Originally when we spoke to the rental agent, he stated that we needed a guaranteer, I did not think much about it at the time, so when he asked who it would be, we asked if Ayu (Tim's wife) could guarantee for us. They stated no, because of her age. Then we asked if Tim Newell could, because he is her new husband, and they said YES! We were blown away, so we waited to hear from the insurance company who would ok the rental, and they Ok'd everything. We signed the papers today, and tomorrow we get the keys, Praise the Lord! Thank you everyone for praying for us, we look forward to what the Lord will continue to do. We are seeing miracles everyday. Please keep us in your prayers. Love, Pastor Tommy


vianne said...

omg! omg ! omg !
and i DO mean - OH, MY GOD !!!!!
God did so MANY things, in this one act. A miracle for your ministry - The rental
Prooving, again, that Tim is where HE is suppose to be.
Prooving, again, that Tim and Ayu's marriage - is GOD ORDAINED!
Prooving, again, that HE LOVES the people of Japan. (Teenagers included!)
Prooving, again, that BLOGGING is sometimes - GOD'S plan :]

vianne said...

..... okay, the dictionary said i spelled " proving " wrong. :/
No "spell check" for blogging.
(did i spell dictionary right?)