Thursday, January 12, 2006

Olga Robertson and Frank Drowns

These are some cool pictures that we took at the CCMissions conference. In the picture above is Olga Robertson in the middle. Olga has been a missionary in the Philippines for over 39 years. She lives in the hardest prison in Manila, ministering to the inmates on death row. She is featured in the book "Heros" written by Harold Sala. Incredible testamony too long to write at this time.
On the bottom picture is Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drowns. He was the guest speaker this year at the conference. Mr. Drowns was a missionary in South America for over 37 years ministering to the different tribes. He was one of the friends of Jim Elliot, and in fact, he was the one sent in to recover the bodies of the missionaries who were killed. Frank, is featured in the movie "beyond the gates of Splendor", an incredible movie about the life of Jim Elliot and those who were killed in South America. Mr. Drowns was a great speaker, challenging us to go into the farthest parts of the world spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. He also challenged us as parents to send our children out and not to be concerned about money and education, but putting the Great Commission first and formost in the front of our lives. When you get a chance, click onto and listen to the conference sessions online, you will be totally blessed.

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