Friday, February 17, 2006

Kids Club Ginowan City

This week Joanna had a special Kids club with a Valentine's theme. They had a great time. During their study of the Word, they finished up the 7 days of creation. The kids loved it so much they wanted to finish up their books this week. Please pray for the kids that are meeting every Wednesday night. Some of the parents sit in on the club, and most of the kids do not know the Lord yet. We are hoping that the coffeehouse will be finished in the next month or so, then we can move the adult Bible Study there, and give Joanna the run of the house. She has so many ideas for the kids to reach out to them. So please pray for them, and also that God would bring more helpers for Joanna.

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Anonymous said...

hey is that kids name pedro or something???? hahahahahahaha