Saturday, April 15, 2006

Evening Good Friday Service

Friday night we gathered at the Koinonia Cafe for dinner and the Good Friday Service. We met at 6pm and ate lots of curry, rice and chicken stew (Ayu Newell is a great cook). Afterwards we saw the Passion of the Christ, and Tim Newell gave an Altar call message. We were so blessed, a few of the people who were there gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Many of the Japanese Okinawan people have never truly heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the movie, Tim took time to explain God's love for us His people, and they responded. For many, it was a time to plant seeds in their hearts.

We were so blown away. Many people showed up. The Cafe was packed! There were not any more seats open and some of us had to sit out side and watch. That was ok, because you really did not have to hear the movie to understand the message. Also, we showed the movie with Japanese subtitles, so they would understand everything. I was personally blown away, because I thought "2 months ago, this building was a dump" and now the Lord has it filled with people learning about the love of Jesus. God willing, this is just the start. We want to reach the whole Island and bring the Love of Jesus Christ to the Okinawan Japanese people. Please continue to pray for us, that the Lord would continue to lead and guide us, giving us fresh vision for His glory.


Ramsey's 4 Him said...

Hey Bro,

Praise the Lord! It's so cool to see and hear what the Lord is doing at the coffe house!

Sweet :-)

Mike R.

George Sedota said...

What an exciting work the Lord has done! I pray for those who dedicated their lives to Jesus and for those seeds that were planted. I pray that they will blossom as plentiful as the Okinawian Cherry blossoms!

Yumi said...

I am excited for you guys!!!
Keep encourage each other!!
I love you my family..!!!!