Saturday, April 22, 2006

Farewell Kayla

It's a bummer. Kayla Silva is leaving Okinawa to head back to Iwakuni, mainland Japan. We had a blast with her staying in the Ruiz house. But now she goes back to sanity (the Ruiz house gets wild, for those of you who know Asa). Thanks again Sonya and Mike for allowing her to spend the time with us. We will really miss you Kayla. Love, the Ruiz family, Vunder and Segmon


Anonymous said...

aww kayla!! i'll miss you!! it was so rad chillin with you & hannah!!

special ed
i kiss you
i see you
i smell you

haha.. okay easy peasy lemon squeeezy!! :D gen

Yumi said...

hey chica...i will miss you:(
but i will see you in this summer!!...yah...i pray it's God's Will;) luv U..!!!!!!!!!!!