Sunday, April 09, 2006

Koinonia Cafe

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We uploaded a little video on the Koinonia Cafe here in Okinawa. God is really bringing it together. We hope that you will like the video. (click it above) Please continue to pray for us, the work for Jesus is just beginning. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy


rose said...

Pastor Tom & Joanna
The bookstore looks awesome. Our prayers are with you. Its exciting to see what the Lord is going to do next!

Iz said...

O mAn that is tite!!!...2 bad u dont have Cisco there to make tha smoothies..then u'd realy get some customers ;) really God is Good, its awesome to see all the lord is doin out there...God Bless

Zach ur playin in tha background sounds sick...keep it up bro!!

Anonymous said...

Tom & Carol Greenroyd want to say hi to everyone in Japan and your Cafe is awesome. Tom cant wait to come over again to see you all. God Bless!!

canadian muskrat said...

Hey seg where's your fro?

vianne said...

i love those [][][][][]..WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The world, passing by, can't help but get curious, and come in to see what you're about.
all about J.E.S.U.S.!!

Calvary Chapel Williamsburg said...

hey brotha,

wonderful work God is doing on that island...He continues to amaze and astonish! He is a Great God we Serve!

We Pray for you all and those who are seeking Jesus!

P.S. - Get seg and rob to wear sandwich signs and walk all around...hee, hee

blessings from the VA Gang!

Matt said...

Hey guys
Koinonia Cafe looks tight.
Praise God for His faithfulness
praying for you all from down here on the rock that is american samoa.
God Bles
Matt :)