Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Michal is 10 years old !

We celebrated Michal's 10th birthday with food and a good cake. Vunder made the cake and it was delicious (upper left corner). We had a good time laughing, sitting around fellowshipping. My mom and dad left Monday morning, so they were not able to join in the festivities. When you get a chance, please leave a birthday comment for Michal below.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michal!! You're getting so old... Wow!!!...I remember when i use to hold you as a baby. Well i pray that you continue to grow in the Lord. God Bless you Michal.


Mario said...

Happy Brithday my 10 year old friend! I can see all your candels and eveything. We miss you Michal. I remember when Richard used to hold you when you were a baby, Man He is Old! God bless you friend and Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michal! Sorry we couldn't make it. But I'll see you soon! (Hopefully!) Don't forget, I owe you a birthday lunch/dinner!


Torres Family said...

Happy Birthday...wish we could have been there. Your a blessing to everyone.
Torres family

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Birthday! I miss seeing you. Love Jessika Newlon

Patricia Chavez & Family said...

Hey, Michal! Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope you had an AWESOME day! That is so cool to see how much of a blessing you have been to so many people, Michal! Keep doing God's work with a smile. Hope to see you and your family soon! Big hug and kiss to you! p.s. I still have my Valentine's card you gave me when I was there!!!!