Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday morning and Tropical Beach Bash

picture by Jason Arbogast

It started out a cold, windy Sunday morning. The weather Saturday was beautiful, tropical warm, perfect for the beach. But Sunday, the forecast was mostly rain. So, Saturday night got rather cool, by the time we woke up Sunday morning there was a chill in the air and heavy clouds. We got down to Tropical beach about 8:30am and the wind was blowin. We did not know if we were going to have canopies because the wind was up. I was wondering if we should cancel, but Vunder and the Lord said "go for it". So we did. In the morning the service was cool and windy, (the beach was filling up, wind and rain does not keep the Okinawan's away) but we were blessed. By the end of service the weather was beginning to change. The wind began to die down. We ate, played volleyball, and by the time that w2 began at 6pm, the weather was perfect. Still cloudy, but the air was wonderful, and the temperture perfect. We were so blessed! During the day, we got to know some of the people on the beach, so we invited them to come eat with us and join in on the music and the message, and they came. The people who normally attend services with us, brought their friends, so there were a lot of Japanese people there who did not know the Lord. We worshipped, and then shared in the Word. Like always, Natuski did a great job translating the message. There were all kinds of God appointments that day. This guy walked up to me, he was from Mainland Japan, teaching english there. He was visiting Okinawa for a few days and was just coming off the airplane two hours earlier. He just ventured over to us and started talking with us. So, the guy was a Canadian dude and I introduced him to Trevor. Trevor spent a lot of time talking with him, and so did everyone else. Matsu, the guy who accepted the Lord the other day at the coffeehouse came over at night, and also brought some of his friends. It was a blessing spending the day at the beach with God's people. The beach closes at 9pm, and we had to brake up the festivities or they would have kicked us off the beach. All in all, the whole day was a total blessing.

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