Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ayu is 21 today

Hi everyone! It is Ayu Newell's birthday today. We were blessed to celebrate her special day after church tonight. Vunder baked her a special Koala cake filled with chocolate and coconut frosting. When you get a chance write Ayu a birthday greeting below.


Torres Family said...

happy birthday Ayu...ayu r awesome

Anonymous said...


happpppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy birtthdayyyyy!! tamiko told us it was your bday today!! wish i coulda been there!! i hope your day was awesome!!!!!

love gen

segi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYU...!!!..mayn...u old..heeh..heeh...just playin'...ur not as old as kayo...heeh..heeh..peayce out and God Bless!

The Pallmanns said...

Hi Ayu,

Otanjiobi omedeto, ne!

Love ya,
Dan, Debe, & Emi :)

Anonymous said...

heeey ayu---happy b-day!!!!
21omedeto..wish i could've been there..God bless you ne..
love you mucho!