Monday, June 19, 2006

CCGinowan's first Baby Dedication

This weekend we had the wonderful privilege of dedicating our first baby here at CCGinowan. Nick and Shoko Pukish have been such a blessing to our lives. Shoko is a Native Okinawan and Nick and her met a few years ago. Nick has shared with me a number of times the importance of his wife hearing the messages of Jesus love in her native language (Japanese). We feel so honored to have the opportunity to have all of our services translated by great Japanese gals (Kayo, Kaori, Natsuki and Tamiko). Without there dedication we would not be able to communicate to the Japanese people.
Nick and Shoko's new little boy is named Nicolas Kai (Kai means Ocean in Japanese) Pukish. Baby nick has two other siblings, Hannah and Kazuki. Congratulations Nick and Shoko you are truly blessed.

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