Wednesday, June 07, 2006

David Guzik from CCBC Germany

We were blessed with the opportunity to talk with David Guzik at the Pastor's conference. Pastor David teaches at CCBC Germany and has also authored many commentaries. The Bible College at CCBC Okinawa used David's commentary on Genesis. So this picture is for all of you back in Okinawa who took the Genesis class. Go Guzik! He is really a great brother and took time to talk to us, before someone else came by and stole him away. On the upper left is Pastor Chuck Smith who being led by the Spirit of God started the Calvary Chapel movement. It has been a real blessing so far and I am so blessed with Dan, Larry, Rob, and Jesse helping out at the CCBC Okinawa ministry table. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

Hey I hope you told the Guzer "hi" from me! Hahaha! - Trevor

Anonymous said...

Guzik looks like he got shocked or something. may be he's jet-lagged?