Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Contact Karate!

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We put up this new video on e3missions. Erin who attends CCGinowan out here in Okinawa, has been attending the church for about 1 1/2 months. She originally came from Texas, but has been studying Karate for some time now. She came to Okinawa to learn more. Many of you know that Kayo works at Lawson (a store like 7/11 in the states) she ran into Erin about 3 months ago and invited her to come and hang out with us. Well, the rest is history. Erin accepted Jesus into her heart a few weeks ago, and is growing in the Lord. We hope that you like this video, and please remember to keep Erin in your prayers. Love, Pastor Tommy


vianne said...

hi erin !!
we haven't met, YET, but on
March 31, I got a letter from Natsuki. She was telling me about this girl, named Erin, who just came to the island to learn Karate. She said you didn't know Jesus, yet, and asked - would i pray for you!
So erin - thank you! You are an answer to our prayers and.....

Anonymous said...

That is one cool video! I wish I had gone to the tournament! - Trevor

segi said...

wow...mayn..!!..dat was pretty sick...but did erin win..??..well kool video...and you guys are always in ma prayers...peayce out and God Bless!

bboycookie said...

awesome vid! erin you rock the socks of our church!but i still beat you in that game hana made up muahahahahah.

Yumi said...

Erin kakkoii-ne!!!!!!!
You're AWESOME!!Praise the Lord!!!
I will be praying for you my friend and be the light to others in Christ always!!
Love ya!!

vianne said...

and HI KAYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i still have the little christmas present, you gave us, sitting in the kitchen. Think of you, most every day :)

Jesse said...

Finally, some martial arts... Hey, is Zak still taking those Samuri Sword classes. Awesome to see you guys getting into the Karate culture, God bless. Jesse

Anonymous said...

These are the dream matches!

Pastor Tom Ruiz VS. Kueanu Reeves
Pastor Tom Hallman VS Taylor Hicks
King Kong VS Godzilla
Richard Bueno VS Stuart Little
Super Mario VS Mario Mendoza
Joanna Ruiz VS Father Time