Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hey! It's Trevor's Birthday

Trevor Raichura is 31 years old today, or should I say 31 years young. We had a good time after Wednesday night Biblestudy hanging out and fellowshipping. They are planning some fun stuff Saturday night and also a World Cup get together after w2 on Sunday night. When you get a chance, leave a nice Birthday greeting for the Big Birthday boy!


segi said...

happy birthday tweva...heeh..heeh..miss u bratha..peayce out and God Bless!

bboycookie said...

happy birhtday mayn!

Tacit Awareness said...

Happppppppybirthday dude. Truly! I wish I could say that I were 31. Hope you have a blessed week. Dan

Yumi said...

otanjo-bi omedeto-gozaimasu!!!!
luv U:D

Anonymous said...

お誕生日おめでとぉーチュラさん!これからも、たくさんのシャレで笑わせてくださいね!!!!!! God bless!!!!