Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rhythm Unity 6 - One Love

Saturday night a group of us went out to Mihama Justco and spent some time passing out fliers for the breakdance contest that will be held July 16th. Tim Newell has had the vision for this for many years, and Calvary Okinawa has graciously sponsored this event again this year. It was such a blessing passing out the fliers and getting to know people on the streets. One thing is for sure, people are searching for the answer to life. Be it in Newport Beach California or on the boardwalk of Okinawa Japan, people are still searching, and we have the answer, Jesus Christ! If you have the opportunity next week, please join us again at Mihama Justco at 6pm, we will be setting up some guitars, playing music, talking to people about Jesus, and passing out fliers for Rhythm Unity 6. For those of you who are not in Okinawa, please continue to pray for this outreach, as we share the Love of Jesus Christ with the people here on this island.


vianne said...

Tim - what a blessing.... to know that you're where the Creator of the universe placed you.

bboycookie said...

its gonna rock!