Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cactus in California

This is real interesting. In Okinawa, we have cactus and it gives out a certain type of fruit. They call them dragon fruit (upper center, left, right, pictures). It is similar to the cactus in California. The cactus in Cali give out a similar fruit, but in spanish we call it "thuna". In english they call them "cactus apples". In my fathers back yard he has a lot of cactus growing and as you can see in the bottom 5 pictures there are a lot of "thuna" on them. The middle picture is what a thuna begins to look like before they get ripe. When it is time to eat them, they get deep red, and are real tasty, like dragon fruit. Also, hispanics like to eat cactus. If you look at the upper left picture, you see a pict of a young cactus. They will cut that piece off, scrape the thorns off, chop it up in small cubes, and fry it, often with eggs and onions. They say it is real tasty, I really do not like it, but my dad likes them a lot. As you can see, all the thuna will be ripening soon, so if you are in the area of Norco, stop by my dad's house and ask him for a few. He cannot eat them all by himself. Pastor Tommy

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bboycookie said...

i miss those good ole cactus fruits mmmm