Monday, July 31, 2006

Future missionaries to Austria.

Praise the Lord! Many of you know Tamiko Murakami and Jen Fortin. They both attend Pastor Rick's Church in Okinawa City. Recently they were accepted to travel overseas with "A Vison for Life", a Calvary Chapel missions discipleship trip. They will be leaving in the beginning of September and will return back to Okinawa in December. Please pray for these young gals that they will hear from the Lord and come back with "a vison for life". Please leave them an encouraging comment below. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


The Pallmanns said...

Awesome news gals!

Continue to let God lead you - it is amazing what He will help you do!

PS: Make sure you try the Wiener Schnitzel.

Torres Family said...

Tamiko and are awesome...what an encouragment and blessing you are going to be to them...Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeeeeeet! You'll be a huge blessing to Austria, just as you are to all of us in Okinawa! May you grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ! And bring some Hillsong with you, Jen! Tamiko, take pictures!

- You-know-who

Mario said...

Dudes! Thats so cool. I am blessed out of my socks that you two are going out on the Mission field. I will be praying for youn My Amigas. Oh Jen...I thought your name started with a "G" not a "J"?

segi said...

God Bless you guys have been a great friend to me and a great blessin' in ma life..tamiko...thanks for all da pictures and gen...california is still betta...heeh..heeh..i'll be prayin' fo u two...peayce out and God Bless...and email me when u guys get da chance.