Monday, July 24, 2006

Pastor Tommy and Joanna heading back to Cali

Tonight (early Monday morning) we are heading back to California. The trip to Williamsburg was such a blessing and the time raced by. Zach and Hannah will be staying back in Virginia for the remainder of the missions trip. Rosie Avila (from Israel) arrives Monday evening to help with the team, and her close friend Jean Marie will be there too (Many of you know Jean Marie, she is such a blessing).
We were so blessed and privileged to help this week with the work that God is doing through the Hallman's in Virginia. The people of the church were so wonderful as we were able to hang out with them and get to know them. Dave and Lonnie are doing good out here and so are their children. Please continue to pray for the church body here in Virginia, that the church would continue to grow in the grace and knowlege of the Lord.
Please pray for us, as we fly out of Regan National Airport in DC. Hopefully you are following the war that is happening in Lebanon. You might know that the US are flying out the Americans who are in that area. And with that, they are bumping off people from their flights to get people home. Pray that we would be able to get back to Cali soon. There is much that we need to do before we fly out of California on thursday morning to get back to Okinawa on Friday. We love you all, and we love all our church family here in Williamsburg. May Jesus lead and guide us as we follow Him daily. Love, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

hey tom i just wanted to remind you that Jean-marie is coming to VA too!

bboycookie said...

come back safe mayn-jason

e3missions said...

Thank you Rosie for reminding me that Jean-marie will be there. I updated the blog. I will miss you and Jean-Marie, God bless you both.
Pastor Tommy