Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday evening outreach

Sunday evening we were at CCNewport News doing a joint event with their youth group. CCWilliamsburg and CCNewport News joined together for testamonies, food and we watched the movie "At the end of the spear". It was a real blessing. If you look at the center picture you see Jon Horne (CCLivingwater's youth pastor) he is standing under the banner of the youth group at CCNN. It looks pretty cool. At the upper right hand side picture is Tony Clark the Pastor of CCNewport News. He is a great guy with an interesting testamony. Pastor Tony recieved Jesus in his heart while he was serving as a Marine in Okinawa Japan, so Okinawa has a special place in his heart. Also, Tony was baptized on the west side of the island on the South China Sea. He is a great brother, with a great group of kids at his church.

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