Friday, August 25, 2006

A Special Invitation

Kodai and Manna's parents are building a new house next door to ours, and when they pour the concrete roof, it is a special occasion. They invited our whole household (even the students) to come over for a special celebration. They had a unique dish, goat soup, it is only served on special occasions. They had sashimi, and sashimi, and more sashimi (raw fish). There was so much, we could not eat it all. There also was so much "taco" (octopus), but our bellies could not take in another bite. Vunder and Keegan's dad (Mark) are the sashimi kings! The two upper pictures are the guys eating the sashimi, and the bottom pictures are the guys eating the goat soup. We were very privileged to join in on this event. The girls went home early because they needed to settle in at their house. Maybe next time girls, but don't worry, the guys ate enough sushi for all of you put together.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time!!! it is awesome serving Jesus isn't it?