Friday, August 25, 2006

Three girls arrive!

They arrived late Thursday night, but they are doing fine. To the left is Shannon Ray from Northern California, Michelle Bonner from Peru, Nicky Whalen from Hawaii, and my beautiful wife Joanna from Okinawa. We are planning on taking the girls out for a time at the beach today, to relax and unwind before we start the new semester Monday. Please keep all of the students in your prayers. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Yumi said...

yay!! I got more cool people at the D-house!!! Praise the Lord!!!
I have to speak Japanese to them:-)

lina said...

Michelle!!! You finally made it there! I pray that the Lord will not cease to amaze you this semester!!! He is so good and will show you great and awesome things!!! I love you and praying for you...Zeph. 3:17

Yumi said...

Nicky reminds of me Gen so much!
you'll see if you're Gen's friend..

bboycookie said...

yay more people to meet.we goin to have a full house on sunday or what?crazy!!!!!! ugh you guys are having fun while some people are working blehhh shame in you for not inviting me heheheh

John Bonner said...
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John Bonner said...

Hey, everyone, give the short one a hug, and tell her "madre" and "padre" love and miss her!

Pilar Bonner said...


I´m so glad you and Shannon made it safley. Love you and miss you.
Tu Madre

Livin' 4 Jesus said...

Pastor Tommy,

Came across this site today (Sep 3) and have really enjoyed it. Great picture of my girl (Shannon). I feel very blessed to have her there with you this semester. My wife and I spent 18 months on the island back in 1977 - 1979. Look forward to seeing you share.

Dennis Ray