Sunday, September 24, 2006

The nicest McDonald's yet

I have been to many McDonald's around the world. This is the best one yet. We were hanging out near Naha on Sunday afternoon after church. We went to visit an open house at SciTech College where Pastor Tim works and Joanna teaches a class. We decided to eat at McDonald's (this is about the 3rd visit to any of thier establishments in the two years that we have lived here) The place was really nice, they have seats set up for wireless internet and the place felt more like a coffeehouse than your typical McD's. Well, we ordered off the 100yen menu (5 chicken sandwiches, 2 cheeseburgers). In the center picture is Joanna holding the burgers while Aaron is eating a ramen bowl. No, McDonald's does not sell ramen, but Aaron refused to eat here. We had to stop by another store and then we came in. Before he was here in Okinawa, he was in Israel for about 4 months. He never ate at McDonald's while he was there either. Good for you Aaron, keep up the strong will power.


Anonymous said...

so pastor tom, did you eat mcD's in israel?

Anonymous said...

Rob (bottom pic) is that a real face or simply you were caught at the wrong timing?????????????????????????????????????????????