Thursday, October 19, 2006

Asa's Birthday, He is four years old!

Well, my son Asa turned 4 today, and as Joanna and I were reflecting on him, we realized that Asa has now lived longer in Japan, than in the United States. Wow! We asked him what type of cake he wanted and he said "green". So there you have it, a green cake. We put a few of his hot wheel cars on top, but he got upset and made us take them off. It was a lot of fun. All of the college students were with us in the early evening, and the next door neighbor Oba (grandma) came over and gave Asa a present. Happy Birthday son, may the Lord continue to bless us all as we serve Him here in Okinawa. Love, Dad


Anonymous said...


Happy birthday lil' guy. Please be nice to Justin. You might be stronger, but he is senior.


Torres Family said...

Happy Birthday Bro..


Anonymous said...

Otanjoubi Omedetou, Asa!
You were born in the year when I first met your family. So, that means I have known your whole family over 4 years now, wow!!

Thank you all for everything always.
Praying for the continual Tottemo Ookii Blessing upon your family.


Anonymous said...

Asa happy birthday!!! can't believe you are already 4..God bless you and I pray that God continues to have His protection over you.

Jesse and Rose said...

happy birthday little Asa, Love Ya!!!

Theophilus11 said...

I can't wait to see Asa years down the line when He's a teenager! Keep praying Tom! : D. jk, I know God's got a plan for that kid. After watching him around the college girls, I think he'll do great things in women's ministry!

.. Love you guys, Happy Birthday Asa!

Anonymous said...

hey, friend!!!! happy 4-sai birthday!!!
we love you and God bless!!!!!!!!!!! Tim and Ayu

Anonymous said...

hey, friend!!!! happy 4-sai birthday!!!
we love you and God bless!!!!!!!!!!! Tim and Ayu

kayo said...

Asa!! Happy Birthday!!
Did u enjoy your Green Cake???
God BLess You!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday lil Bro! Love you Mucho! Hey, great haircut!

"Missa Mahk" (aka Mister Mark)

Trevor said...

Even if you never read this or hear this, I still want you to know that the entire community loves you Asa! I will keep on teasing you till you get used to it!

Love, Mituh Way

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Asa! I love your haircut!
Miss Julie

segi said...

!!!...Happy Birthday Asa...!!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Te quiero mucho Asa, Sam and Sosi says Hi, God bless you every year of your Life.
The Avila's