Friday, October 20, 2006

Halfway through the semester

photos by Haley Brooks

Today marks the halfway point through the Bible College Semester. On Friday's we usually have "Lectures in Ministry" the first hour of the day. Instead, we went up to Kakazu Ridge. This is a place that was famous during the Battle of Okinawa during WWII. Many American and Japanese Soldiers lost their lives here, and now it is a memorial park. We had a time of worship and got into the Word. We were reminded of the story in John 4, when Jesus met the woman at the well, and Jesus later told His Disciples to "look up for the fields are white unto harvest". We were encouraged to remember that the second half of the semester is before us, and there still is a lot of work ahead of us. God wants to use the students in a mighty way, and to stay open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We were all encouraged and blessed by this special trip up the hill in Ginowan city.

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