Friday, October 13, 2006

Japanese Teacher: Natsuki

Some of you have never met our Japanese I teacher, Nasuki Iha. We have known Natsuki way back when we were in California. She attended CCBC Murrieta for a few semester before coming back to Okinawa. Natsuki is talented by God in so many ways, one of them is teaching. All of the students are learning a lot from her. Please continue to pray for Natsuki as she follows the leading of the Holy Spirit in her life. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Torres Family said...

Sashubuir...Genki desu ka? are awesome...Rafael says..."I wanna go Natsuki please."

Miss you.
Torres Familia

Haley B said...

なつきさん は かっこいい せんせい です ね!!!

man i hope i wrote that right. (pastor tom, this is my blog)

Anonymous said...

You are a great teacher with an awesome heart to serve God! You look so teacherish! Miss you!

Yamachan said...

Natsuki Sensei!!!

You go!! Give the college crew tons of Homeworks!! heeh heeh