Saturday, October 14, 2006

Witnessing at Kokusai Dori

Saturday night, we had the opportunity to head down to the Famous Kokusai Street, located in Naha City. Almost all tourists go to this street for shopping and a good time. There are many souvenier shops, restaurants, and bars. We met people from all over the world. We spent the night passing out fliers for the Franklin Graham Festival, and talking to people about Jesus Christ. We met a lot of interesting people. Everyone was blessed to have this opportunity to witness for Christ.


Anonymous said...

Natsuke and I met a guy who is curious and searching. He unfortunately was with a friend and some partying marines. He does want to learn English and wanted to come to W2 and Wed nights. I don't remember his name, but maybe Natsuke does? I'll ask her. Pray for him though, God knows who he is.

Anonymous said...

His name was Yutaka.