Monday, November 27, 2006

Can you believe it - First Year Anniversary!

Wow! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Tim and Ayu celebrated their First Year Anniversary Sunday! After attending church, they took off for a fun getaway. They took a ferry to one of the neighboring islands. They did not have any reservations or anything. They just took off in faith. When you get a chance, please leave an anniversary greeting below, but clicking on the comment button. God bless you Tim and Ayu, we love you both!


heavy love said...

sweet deal. me and riannon are celebrating our 5 year in January. may God bless you both with many many more years.

Sin City

Anonymous said...

!!!...Happy Anniversary...!!! Time goes by sooo fast...its already a year...!!! God Bless you guys and miss you...

The Pallmanns said...

Hi Tim & Ayu,

Time sure does fly...
We will pray that God will continue to draw you closer to each other as He draws you guys closer to Him.

The Pallmanns :)

Anonymous said...

awwww. First year :]
Larry & I will be celebrating 29, this year, and like everyone said -
"TIME FLIES", when your life is lived for Christ, in service to others, the BLESSINGS never cease!
we love you guys! LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you. Wow- one year ago you were wed and I was there to see it. Miss both of you and hope and pray your anniversary was a wonderful one.
Love you both very much,
God Bless you both.
Mom in Cali

Shannon Leigh said...

Too cute...hope you guys had a great time together. Congradulations the honeymoon is offically over now real life begins!!! LOL. You both are such a blessing...Shannon

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!!! wheres the kid???

Bunnell Family said...

Hey Guys,

Congrats on making it one year!! How amazing God is when we put our faith and trust in him! I'm so happy for you two. Keep loving each other and Keep God First in your marriage. Hope you had a great time! Don't go makin' any babies! Ha! Ha!
Sending you much love from the frozen tundra of Kazakhstan

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hey there my brother and sister in-law, Congratulations and Happy One Year Anniversary!! Man Tine sure does fly. Just a year ago I was out there visiting and watching you say your vows! I love you both, take care! xoxo

Love, Wendy Ann

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that a year has passed already.
I look forward to seeing you both again whenever you make it back here to Cali.
It's always fun logging onto this site & seeing what's new with you.
Hugs to you both. CONGRATS!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You All SO Much For Your Bloggs. It's a reflection of prayer and we are thankful beyond what words are able to describe. We Love You All! For Our Second Hunny Moon, We Spuratically to a boat to another island, which took us back about 50 to 100 years ago in Okinawa. Fishing, Farming, no Fast food, No Foriegners,Old Houses and Old People. Well we stayed one night and came back the next day. We drove around the whole Island in a short amount of time and it was amazingly beautiful to see What an Artist God is! Well it was a blessing! Thank you all For Your Prayers! Daniel bro! I remember Your Wedding...Happy 5th!!!!! Continue On! Family...We love you....sis...your next on the list! Love Tim & Ayu Newell!