Friday, November 17, 2006

P2 - Prayer/Praise

On Friday nights, the Bible College students are divided into different groups. One group heads to CCOkinawa to help in their youth group, another group goes to CCGinowan and assists Vunder in that Youth group, and the last group has the night off to either relax or spend time in prayer at the Ruiz's house. Every Friday night we open our house up for dinner and afterwards we worship the Lord and pray for the different needs on the island. There is another group that is not pictured, they are in the kitchen area to the right, and the kids are upstairs so they don't cause any disturbances (Asa). It feels so right, spending time, with the body of Christ in prayer.

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Daniel said...

it is great to see you all together in prayer. me and riannon miss that as our church is very small in number here in Nevada and it seems everyone is always in a hurry to leave to do their own thing. we have to be out of our church by the end of Jauary 2007, please pray we find a building that will be where the Lord wants us so we can be used to bring people to Christ and to honor Him.

Daniel&Riannon Rodriguez
Las Vegas Nevada