Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sashimi galore!

We were at Kokusai Dori (Kokusai street) in downtown Naha. This fish market is Island famous. You can pick out your fish here and then take it upstairs and they will cook it for you. Look at all the seafood! The lobsters were gigantic as well as the shellfish. But check out all the sashimi! I was good and yasui (cheap, inexpensive) This place is a seafood lovers paradise.


George Sedota said...

Tom, you have to take Patti and I there!!

daniel sedota said...

ahh man those red fish look crazy with dem little teeth!! man i could just sit and eat that sashimi all day! oishi!

Anonymous said...

Man I told you Daniel, get outta here, J/K Man I love you Daniel