Saturday, December 30, 2006

Amber Perkins coming to Okinawa

Hi everyone! Let me introduce to you Amber. She will be our new intern at CCBC Okinawa. She will be arriving on January the 17th. We are so blessed as she will be coming to assist in ministry at the College. Please continue to pray for her as she makes final preparations to be here. When you get a chance please click the comment button below and leave Amber a welcome greeting.


Dagu said...

Don't trust that Voonder character! He's a shifty dude....just kidding. You're gonna have a great time! And you're going to be in the prescence of some really encouraging people. You'll grow in the Lord for sure. just know that you're going to make alot of be prepared! Ganbatte!

Anonymous said...

And Doug, I was missing my Balderdash brotha, but now I'm feeling a lttle shifty about this!!

The Pallmanns said...

Hi Amber,

We're looking forward to meeting you! We'll be praying for all your preparations.

Aloha in Christ,
The Pallmanns

Anonymous said...

Amber san, we are looking forward to meeting you. Let's have a party time!! heeh heeh. j/k.


Shannon Leigh said... might want to rest now becasue...from the day you arrive to the day you leave it will be nothing but non stop ministry! But praise the Lord..He is so good...and there is nothing better than serving Him. Hmmm... Pastor Tommy is quite a character but he's one of the most amazing men, pastors, encourager etc...that you will ever meet. The rest of the gang is pretty undescribable will come to love them. Infact if it wasn't wrong to be envious I would probably say I envy you. Oh...and I hope you like PB&J...and trust me you will learn to love them Marshmellow Mateys!!


Shannon Leigh said...

Oh...yeah..and one important thing I forgot...if you normally punctual try and leave that at home. If Pastory Tommy says 8:30 he normally means 9 and if if says 11 he normally means 1. Somehow though it all comes together in due time.

Juan Miyagi said...

yeah, what shannon said is right. but don't take it wrong, it's tommy's time. okinawan time is a little earlier................well..i hope that we will get chance to meet in okinawa.

Haley B said...

ganbatte amber!!! you're gonna fall in love with the place and the people.

p.s. juan's real name is "stomerz"

Anonymous said...

amber!! do you remember me??
i met you in Hungary in October.
i'm sooo excited that you are coming!!