Monday, December 18, 2006

The last group heads out

They are packed up and ready to go. Look at all that luggage! Aaron and Joel leave at 11:30am, then the rest of the group will stay out in Naha and do some more shopping. Then, Mark and Nicky leave around 2:30pm and last but not least, Doug and Brad will leave Naha Airport around 8:00pm at night. We are going to miss all of you, be blessed and keep serving the Lord. Love, your family in Okinawa.


Anonymous said...

Aloha my Okinawan ohana!
I made it safely home. God is wonderful! I miss everyone already...arienai~ Anyway, I love you guys chou a lot ne! God bless~

mark said...

Howdy Y'all! I finally made it to the resort in Hawaii. Yes, be jealous. Just kidding! Okinawa is better than Hawaii, hands down, no question about it. I'm glad everyone else has made it back safely as well.

Be blessed!

-see you in a month!

Anonymous said...

its me, im home and very tired, but the Lord got me through the longest day of my life ever, phew.


e3missions said...

Guys and Nicky,

Great to hear that you made it home, we love you all, thank you for such a wonderful 4 months.

Pastor Tommy and Joanna