Saturday, December 23, 2006

Made it to California

The flight to California did not seem to long, even though it was 10 hours from Taipai to LAX. The ride was kind of bumpy, but we arrived safely. In the center picture is the family minus Zach and me (I was taking the picture). Zach is spending the night with Israel and Solomon. It was great to be reunited with Hannah, as many of you know that she flew out with Zach a week earlier. This picture was taken in Harvey and Elsa's house. The are presently visiting Pastor Dion in Idaho, so they allowed us to stay with them during this visit. Please continue to pray for us. I will be speaking in different Calvary's while I am here, sharing the vision of what the Lord is doing in Okinawa. I will also be at the CC Missions Conference in Murrieta. Trevor Raichura, Julie Milwood hopefully Keegan and Mark Davis family will be joining with us, as well as hooking up with some of the students and interns who will be joining us in Okinawa this Semester. It will be a busy time, but also a fruitful time in Him. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!
Genki desuka?
Praying for you all!!!
Have a blessed Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Amen, you all got to Cali. safely. Yokkata..
Zack!! Hannah!! genki??
We will be praying for you all.


Anonymous said...

You're closer to my home than me! I pray that God blesses you all in Cali.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i miss you too!!!

vianne said...

yeaaaaaaaH! i get to see you all
this morning :]
(well...maybe. you're usually on the run while you're here:)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ruiz family and everyone in Okinawa! I hope your Christmas is a cho~ blessed one!! Yay, it's Jesus' birthday. Did anyone make a keeki?
Love, Nicky

Haley B said...

merry christmas y'all!! love you guys.

(ps, sweet shirt michal! way to rep the dickies)

kami sama no shukufuku ga arimasuyou ni!