Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pastor Tim's Family in California

Christmas Eve Joanna and I headed out to the Newell's house to deliver some presents from Tim and Ayu. As we knocked on the door, Tim's Dad (Dan) answered the door as He was speaking to Pastor Tim in Okinawa. A coincidence? Not really, just God's timing. Some of you might remember Tim's Dad, he is pictured in the middle wearing the hat. He showed us some pictures of Pastor Tim, but this one was the best, Tim in High School. What happened to that good looking guy? Just kidding! Ayu would say he looks much handsomer now.


Anonymous said...

Look at that thick patch of hair on your skull, DAANNGG!

Anonymous said...

That's one good lookin' Haku!!!

Wendy Ann said...

Awwwe, My little brother and his crazy hair! Sorry I wasn't there Tim! Chris and I left right before that to go to his Moms!


Anonymous said...


peace 'n love

Anonymous said...

To Everyone From C.C.Living Water-
My wife and I were blessed by the presents and cards sent. We are very blessed to have a home fellowship and family praying for us and supporting us. Ive heard many testimonies of missionaries without such support. God is moving here, He hears your prayers and we are blessed to see them being answered. We Love You All! Special Thanks To Isa, Jessica, Antoine & Mary, and last but not least, The Sandevals...for sending us encouraging letters and gifts! We are blessed! Thank You All! Be blessed this season!

Love The Newell Family

P.S. For those of you who read this, please send out to others and those mentioned in this comment, our Thanks and Gratitude! We Love You All!