Saturday, February 24, 2007

Morikawa Spring

This is a very special place in Ginowan City. This Spring has been here for hundreds of years. The Okinawan people back in the day, used to come here bath, wash clothes and worship their ancestors. It is a beautiful place. Let me try to give you a little more Okinawan History. Okinawan mythology tells us that many years ago, one of the gods had a daughter. She had this magical flowing gown, and she came to this spring from the heavens to bath. While she was bathing an Okinawan man saw her and hid her clothes. When she was done bathing, she looked for her clothes but the man hid them. The man told her if she would marry him that he would give her clothes. She did, and afterwards she had two sons. One day, she found her mystical cloths and flew back into the heavens. Her two sons later became the first Kings of Okinawa (Ryukyu). So, the Okinawan's believe that they are descendants of the gods.
Well this place reminds me of another story that is told to us in the Bible, John chapter 4. Jesus was by a well, and a woman came to Him and He asked her for a drink. The woman ended up having a converstion with Jesus by this well. Later the lady realized that this man Jesus was special, and ran back into the city to tell all of her friends. The whole village came out to see Jesus, and recognized Him as the Christ, the Messiah, who would forgive them of all their sins.


Anonymous said...

I have lived Okinawa all my life. I have never heard such thing.

Anonymous said...

Why is Daniel on the Toilet??

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Was that ice cream getting to you again??