Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memorial Peace Park

We were so blessed to visit Memorial Peace Park and Himeyuri Monument. It was a good relaxing day. We had lunch out there on the lawn, so much food. It is always a blessing everytime we get to go and see the island. Every week is a new adventure.


Anonymous said...

Why the smirk Rob?? Heeh Heeh

Anonymous said...

rob looks happy for some reason ;)

Anonymous said...

Heeh Heeh, I agree >_* (wink)

Trevor said...

That's quite the smile for such a somber place, Voonder!

Anonymous said...

You know what they say about Spring Time Robert?
Must be that something close is the reason for the beamin'.
It was a neat time - I sensed something in the air.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks cold, but Hide-kun is wearing a tank-top! Amazing! haha. Aw, my goodness we miss you guys CHOOOOOOO much yo! Tonight we're starting a prayer group for Japan! Yatta~ Love you guys!

e3missions said...

Thank you Nicky,
We are totally blessed that you will be praying for us. Praise God!

Pastor Tommy