Friday, March 23, 2007

Video - New Discipleship House

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Hello everyone! This is a little video of the Discipleship house. We hope that you like it. It needs a lot of work, and we are working on it as we write this blog. Sorry, the video is mostly unedited and we move a lot on it. Thank you so much again for all of your prayers. God bless you all, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

It's HUGE!!!
ちょう おおきい☆
Our God is a big God ですね!
Praise the Lord for another new work He has begun.


And We Know 8:28 said...

Wow!! Now that is a testimony to how wonderful our Provider is. So many wonderful blessings for that house....Praise the Lord!!

George Sedota said...

This is soooo cool!!

Thanks Tom for the tour. It is wonderful to see the awesome work God is doing in Ginowan!!

You are truely blessed!

Anonymous said...

dude, that is so freakin huge! thats amazing, so many things can be done with that place.

God bless