Monday, April 23, 2007

Fisherman's Wharf - Yomitan Village

We were all hungry, so we headed straight for some good tempura. At the Wharf, you can order some breaded fish, Squid, or Seaweed for only 50 yen (about 42 cents) a piece. Pictured above to the left is Vunder getting his order. Matt in the center picture is amazed by all the different fish. On the bottom left are some heads of Swordfish that were caught just off the Yomitan coast, and the picture on the right (you guested it) a 20 ft. Great White Shark. That Shark was caught a few years ago right off the Wharf, it is huge! This picture does not do it justice. We were not going to let a little shark stop our day of swimming, next stop, you got it, Swimming!


segi said...

sweet farmers tan rob...heeh..heeh..

Edgar said...

That would be so cool!