Friday, April 20, 2007

A match made in Heaven

Jon Horne and Lina Ochoa, they are both such a blessing. They have know eachother for many years and this June they will be married, Praise the Lord! They are a special couple and the Lord has much in store for them. How time flies. I remember Jon as a little boy and Lina as a young gal when they first came to church, look at them now, Adults! When you get a chance, please leave a wedding greeting below in the comment section. We love you Jon and Lina, may the Lord lead, guide and bless you both. Love, Pastor Tommy and Joanna


Anonymous said...

This is such a great picture of you guys! May the Lord give you a peace in heart as you finish planning & preparing. God Bless you guys!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome day in June. I remember talking to Lina about finding the "right guy" when she was at CCBC! May God use you both in an awesome way for His kingdom.


Daniel in Daejeon said...

ahhh!!! you guys are awesome...i miss ya both. Lina you look beautiful, and Jon, yeh you too. haha i cant wait to come home and chill with yall again. Countin the days!!! God bless your preperations!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I can't believe it, it is going to happen now! Woo hoo!

It's been a long time, you may not even remember me. LOL

It's Johanna Bessman from CCM! We went to Okinawa in 02 together. Anyway, many blessings to you both!


heavy love said...

i cant believe i met you love birds (not at the time) 7 years ago. i remember when i heard you two were engaged. anywho, much love and hugs from your friendly christian friends in sin city. May the good Lord bless you 2 on an awesome journey in marriage.

Daniel, Riannon & Mila Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

This is something I look forward to. i pray God blesses know He will.