Saturday, April 28, 2007


Tuesday night the Japanese I and II class met at the Ruiz's for a special time. Satsukosan and Atsukosan came and taught the students how to make Okonomiyaki. You might be asking "what is Okonomiyaki?". We are glad that you ask. The special meal originates in Osaka, Mainland Japan, but many people here in Okinawa love it. Near the Seawall at Sunabe, there is an "all you can eat" Okonomiyaki. This dish is made primarily with cabbage and eggs. You add in the fixin's like seafood or pork, and it is yummsters. We were so blessed with these ladies coming out and serving the students. It was a blessed night.


Bradley John said...

oh how i miss amazing food every night!

Zach said...

All that "juice" was good grub!