Monday, May 28, 2007

CCBC Murrieta Graduation

There were so many pictures to put up, so we had to narrow them down to these. Many of you remember the crew that was with us last semester at the Bible College, well, they graduated. The only ones missing in the pictures are Michelle Bonner and Haley Brooks. The top picture is none other than servant of the Lord Misty, she is always serving, Praise the Lord! The graduation was wonderful, we are so proud of all these students.


Anonymous said...

Sugoi!! Shannon!! Nicky!!Jeremy, Aaron, Doug, Joel, Brad!! Omedetou!!!
You guys look awesome!!! omedetou!!!
Natsuki mo Joanna mo Kawaiiyo!!!

Anonymous said...

Misty!!! You are cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations everyone. It is a blessing to see all of you graduate. Knowing that one day you will travel the world and spread the good news. God bless each and everyone of you.

dirtydave "barrios family

Haley B said...

hey pastor tom and gang, i am so bummed that i couldn't be there :( had to split earlier that day.

but hey, my japanese fam and i are plannin a trip to mainland and then a stop by oki!!! it'll be around this time next year. i'll contact ya around that time, so hopefully i can see you all then!

God bless ya - haley