Saturday, June 30, 2007

Interesting Okinawan Japanese Custom

A few months ago I was in an accident (ouch). Praise God no one in the van was hurt. But, the bad thing is that a moped/scooter hit my van. This is the short version; Amber and I were heading to the Bible College in the morning. As we were turning onto the street a scooter was coming. It was raining and he lost control, spun out, and hit the back of my van, also his body slid into the van. He got hurt, he was taken to the hospital. Praise God he is doing fine, but, I later found out that he is a policeman and works down in headquarter in Okinawa City. To make a long story short, it was 90% my fault, 10% his fault. But this is the interesting Okinawan custom. The adjuster came to my door and stated that they would pay for all of his damages, and a little of mine. But, they will be putting money into my account because it is a custom in Okinawa if you are in an accident and the person is hurt, you are to visit him either in the hospital or at his home and give him an apology with an envelop with money in it. The insurance company gives you the money, but you are to personally visit him and give him like a peace offering. Later the insurance company will pay all of his damages and loss of work pay. This is real interesting; in the States, when you are in an accident, the insurance company takes care of everything and usually you never see the person again. Everyday is a learning experience in another country. Agape, Pastor Tommy

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vianne said...

i LOVE this !
very humbling.
and quite an AWESOME
opportunity. Let us know
how it went, would you?