Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Dragon Fruit Time

This is a delicious but expensive fruit in Okinawa. It comes from the same family of the Cactus Apple or the Atuna (spanish) in North America. Let me explain. In California we grow the mexican cactus. Once a year on the top of the cactus grows this sweet red prickly fruit. You cut it off and eat it. It kind of tastes like a Kiwi fruit from Australia. Well here in Okinawa they grow and we call them "Dragon Fruit" because they look like flames that are growing out of the sides (double click on the photos). Satsukosan grows them in her back yard, so she brought some and let us eat them after service. They are cho oishi! (really delicious). When you come to Okinawa, we will let you try some to eat.


Anonymous said...

A red fruit for a red man and a red t-shirt

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muy buena