Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kimberly heads back to California

It was such a blast having Kim with us for these past two weeks. For some of you who don't know Kimberly (far right) she is the sister of Christina (far left). Kim was committed to stay with us for a short time, while Christina will be with us for about another 6 weeks. It is a blessing to have these short term missionaries staying with us here in Okinawa. Kim did a great job of fellowshipping with the Okinawan people as well as helping tremendously with the thrift store. Thanks a lot girl, may the Lord continue to lead and guide your every step. Agape, Pastor Tommy


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly,

We're looking forward to a visit from you soon.

the Greenroyd's at CC Los Alamitos

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim!!!

It was so awsome to meet you! I look forward to hanging out sometime here in Cali!

Love ya!
Johanna (Chick who stayed at the D-house with you girls :)