Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sweet potato time!

Okinawa is known for two crops that it produces, sugarcane and sweet potato. An old Okinawan legend goes as follow; a typhoon came through Okinawa and destroyed the sugar cane. The people were going to starve that winter, except a young man came from China with a strange vegetable, it was a sweet potato. He convinced to Okinawan people to plant the new vegetable, and wallah! The people did not starve. There is a statue dedicated to the guy located at the Kadena Marina in Kadena city. Well there are many ways to prepare sweet potato. You can boil it, make ice cream out of it (yummmmy) or you can even package it as a delicious candy like the above. We went to Yomitan Village and visited the Ube candy company, and taste tested lots of sweets. The above picture is the factory in Yomitan Village.

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