Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First day: Orientation

The first day of orientation began Monday morning and we so blessed with this wonderful group of students. They love the Lord and are ready to learn the Bible. For three of the students this is their first semester at Bible College. We spent the morning going over expectations, rules, and how to live in Okinawa (the do's and don'ts). Again, we are so blessed with the opportunity to have these students with us this semester.


Mark Davis said...

Like...don't eat nato, 'do' eat lots of mochi. Drink lots of Sanpincha, don't eat nato. Eat lots of nikuman, don't eat nato.
Eat lots of taco rice and onigiri, but don't eat nato.
Just kidding, you can eat nato if you want.
God bless all you students and staff this semester. I miss the food and people of Okinawa so much. Enjoy it while you have it.
Mark (aka: Keegan's Dad)

Anonymous said...

Mark san, hen desu. hahahah