Monday, September 24, 2007

Beach Baptisms

There were so many pictures to choose from, here are just a few of them. It was such a blessing to proclaim the Name of Jesus Christ out in the open at Tropical Beach. We went to the North Beach area which is closed off to swimming, but they let us do the baptisms there. There was a testamony that as we were on the beach, someone who just came to see what we were doing was touch by the Lord and we offered her prayer, she started to cry as she was seeking after something but she did not really know. Our prayer is that she will come to know Jesus as a result of the witness that we have her, that she will come to the Koinonia Cafe, learn more about Jesus Christ and give her life to Him. We were so blessed.

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segi said...

this really blessed me today...when your day isn't going right and you feel like the world is control of you....when reading this, it just reminds me that the world isn't in control of me because He is in's such a blessing seeing and hearing the miracles God is doing over there!! knowing and realizing God is in Full Control!