Monday, September 24, 2007

TheYakisoba Queen

Ayu can cook up a mean Yakisoba! Chowwwww, it was awesome! Those girls can cook. As you can see the picture of Andrew on the upper right, he is ready to chow down. We better watch out for Pastor Tim, Ayu is one awesome cook. We are going to watch Tim go from a sleek fit to a slack fit real fast. Thank you girls for all of your great cooking.


Anonymous said...

Ayu!! Thanks for the Yakisoba, it was really good!! Bomb diggidy...

Pastor Tom and Josh san, thanks for the meat and Hamburgers..
We all ate like a pig!

Anonymous said...

Liz & Ayu! You girls rock! I miss the good Japanese food, and teas!!! Keep cooking girls, and get your hubbies fato. Joannasan