Friday, November 23, 2007

The Big Boyz of Ginowan

This was our team for our annual Turkey Bowl here in Okinawa. Don't worry folks, these guys are not dangerous, they just look like it. The only person missing in the picture is Big Nate. We had an international team this year because Tom Cotton from Australia was with us. We had a great time. Here are just some of our outstanding players; If you look in the picture you can see that Sosimo and David are "all business baby". Third from the right you have Erik the "I forgot this was not tackle" Bloom. On the bottom left is Daniel the Hammer "I ran out of steam in the last quarter" Sedota. And lets not forget one our our most outstanding players; Jesse "the Hands" Spencer. That guy was pulling flags everywhere, he stopped at least two touchdowns. This team was awesome this year.


Anonymous said...

so where are you hiding the first aid kit and oxygen machines? I can't see them in the picture! BWAAAA HAAA HAAA!

Theophilus11 said...

That was so much fun. I think this pic is one of the best of the semester.

Anonymous said...

You guys look mean. Hope you guys won!